We are glad to be able to launch the Value and Quality Award Tender in 2023 as well.

As you know, the competitiveness of products and services on both the domestic and international markets is primarily ensured by high quality, which can be confirmed and certified by a quality certification mark. Trademarks enable market participants to compete in the market, and those who use trademarks to distinguish their goods or services from those of competitors can gain an advantage.

Trademarks are an important means of informing consumers. They provide direct information about the product or service. Trademarks create a link between different products and their producers, different services and service providers, they have a quality indicating role, they contribute to the development of consumer culture, but they also have an important advertising and investment stimulating function.

Despite the situation in 2022, the Value and Quality Award Trademark has not lost any of its prestige. COVID, which is less active but still present, as well as the buying frenzy and the resulting shortage of goods caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war that broke out in February 2022 and has been raging ever since, high energy prices, the fuel crisis, have all created and affected economic life for businesses and consumers alike. Nevertheless, more and more people believe that now is the right time for reliable quality certification and the display of quality certification marks, as the temporary shortage of goods can create scope for traders and profiteers.

We believe and profess that there is a need for recognitions that draw attention to goods and services of outstanding quality, such as the Value and Quality Award Trademark. Such a distinction carries several messages: on the one hand, it qualifies the user, distinguishes him from other similar manufacturers, and on the other hand, it gives a clear positive inspiration to consumers, even encouraging them to buy, and can therefore also bring economic benefits to the user.

Unfortunately, the difficulties of the last few years have reduced the number of trademark users of Value and Quality Award Trademark, but we still have nearly 200 trademark users, which means more than 1000 products/product groups and services. We continue to see businesses with long-term plans doing their best to gain a competitive advantage, even in the face of difficulties.

The growing economic problems, the increasing shortage of raw materials, the unfavourable weather conditions affecting agriculture, the lack of sufficient rainfall and all the other aggravating factors were also felt in the tenders.

Despite these challenges, the rigorous five-round evaluation process resulted in 41 entries from 34 applicants in 2022 being gained the use of the Value and Quality Award Trademark.

The Value and Quality Award Tender is realized with the financial and professional cooperation of the organizers - DIAMOND Organizing Office Bt., ExVA Vizsgáló és Tanúsító Kft., Hajnal Húskombinát Kft., LEGRAND Hungary Electrical Systems Zrt., Saint-Gobain Hungary Kft., and SZÁM-PONT Computer Technology Service and Training Center Kft.

The main patron of the Value and Quality Award Tender is Dr. János Latorcai, Vice President of the Parliament. The Ministry of Agriculture is the professional supporter of the application scheme, the State Secretariat for National Policy of the Prime Minister's Office is the main supporter, and the National Food Chain Safety Office is the professional partner of the Tender.

Winning the use of the Value and Quality Award Trademark is possible by submitting a single round public application, for which you will find the documentation for the Value and Quality Award Tender on our website, including


- call for tenders and procedures

- application form

- documents to be submitted


At the same time, we would also like to inform you about the applicants for the use of the Value and Quality Award Trademark until 2022, broken down by year, all those who cover and represent almost all sectors, branches and fields of the Hungarian economy with a successful product, product line, service, or even educational and cultural programme.

The Value and Quality Award Trademark inspires security and strength! Its distinction rightly ensures positive identification for its user.

As an alternative programme of economic development, the Value and Quality Award Tender system is an integral part of the government's economic strategy, actively contributing to the country's economic success.

Using the Value and Quality Award Certification Mark is a message that is key to success!