Information on the announcement of the Value and Quality Award Tender in 2022

As you know, the priority in 2021 was to fight the epidemic, relaunch the Hungarian economy, protect jobs, maintain the income security of families and support the activity of businesses. The government's decisions and the amendment of the budget law focused on maintaining the control of the epidemic and restarting the economy in order to return to its previous growth path as soon as possible. By the end of the year, it became clear that the relaunch of the Hungarian economy was a success: economic output grew by 7.1% in the first three quarters, investment expanded by over 12%, employment rose to 4.7 million and the unemployment rate fell to below 4%. The Hungarian economy has now exceeded its pre-epidemic performance.

The budget for 2022 submitted by the Hungarian government is the budget for the relaunch of Hungary. Looking ahead, growth rests on three pillars. Exploiting existing labour reserves will support further employment growth. However, investments to expand productive capacity and technological and green improvements to improve efficiency will become increasingly important for growth in the coming years. In addition, competitiveness has a prominent role in strengthening Hungary's medium- and long-term growth capacity.

The competitiveness of products and services on both the domestic and international markets is primarily ensured by high quality, which can be confirmed and certified by a quality certification mark as well. Trademarks enable market participants to be competitive on the market and to distinguish their goods or services from those of competitors. Trademarks are important tools for informing consumers. They provide consumers with direct information about the product or service. Trademarks create a link between the product and its producer and between the service and its provider, they play an important role in indicating quality, they develop consumer culture, but their advertising and investment stimulating function is also indisputable.

The Board of Announcers of the Value and Quality Award Tender is committed to contributing to the marketability and competitiveness of businesses' products and services. That's why it runs the Value and Quality Award Tender, whereby winning businesses with high quality products and services are awarded the right to use the Value and Quality Award Trademark as well as the honourable title of distinction.

Taking account all these goals, we are launching the Value and Quality Award Tender in 2022 as well. The Call for applications and order of procedure and other documents required for participation in the competition are available on our website.

"Excellence is not voluntary. Quality is not born with you. You can only be the best if you compete with the bests."

National, public and one-round call for applications

is invited by

DIAMOND Management Office Ltd.
ExVa Ltd. Testing - Certification
HAJNAL Meat Processing Factory Ltd.
Legrand Hungary Electricity Systems CJSC.
SZÁM-PONT Computer Science and Training Center Ltd.

as members of Board of Announcers of Value and Quality Award
for gaining the right to use the trademark of the Value and Quality Award of the year 2021

Main Patron of events of the Value and Quality Award
is Mr. János Latorcai Dr., Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament.

Special support is given
by the State Secretariat for Nation Policy at the Prime Minister's Office.

Professional sponsor of the competition
is the National Food Chain Safety Authority

Foreign supporter of the tender
is Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania

Strategic partners:
Communautrade-Europe Ltd. (CTEU)
Association for Food Entrepreneurs' Competitiveness
Trade Magazin.